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Automate Your Timesheets

...and Focus On Your Business

  • Save Time

    Using ProClock is the fastest, most accurate way of getting your timesheet data to your payroll processor.

  • Save Money

    Your payroll will synchronize perfectly with ProClock – no more data entry on the payroll side, no more human errors.

  • Go Hassle-Free

    To-the-second digital time stamps and signed timesheets reduce disputes and build trust with your employees.

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Save Time

Focus on what matters

  • Automatically Calculates Employee Time

    Employees simply clock in and out using the facial recognition system.

  • ProClock Tracks Labor Costs

    The system will show you who is out and who is in at any given point.

  • ProClock Simplifies Payroll

    Submit your approved hours with the click of a button.

  • ProClock Is Time and Attendance

    No need to spend hours adding time cards and checking hours.


Save Money

Avoid Errors and Keep Employees Honest

  • Put Timesheets On Autopilot

    Automatically track employee work hours, then simply review the timesheets and submit it to payroll.

  • Reduce Disputes

    Employees review and confirm their hours by signing their timesheets at the end of the pay period.

  • Set Jobs, Roles, and Rules

    You can create custom payment plans for overtime, double-time, and different job roles.

  • Never Over Or Underpay Again

    Once you have the system set up, time and attendance processing will be more accurate than ever before, with all income and deductions accounted for.


Go Hassle-Free

Streamlined, Automated Time and Attendance

  • Remove Data Entry

    You don’t need to enter any data, and neither does your payroll processor.

  • Speed Up the Process

    ProClock synchronizes perfectly with your payroll processor’s system – a couple of clicks is all it takes.

  • Reduce Effort Spent On Time and Attendance

    No more collecting employee hours and double-checking that everything adds up, no more chasing employees for incomplete timesheets.

  • Easy Communications

    With ProClock, you don’t have to schedule a time to send your hours over to the payroll processing company, simply submit whenever you are ready.

  • Manage Different Payments

    The system can automatically allocate overtime, double-time, and other miscellaneous payments.

  • Easy To Use

    Employees clock in/clock out with the press of a button – facial recognition identifies the user and the location.

—Start To Finish

Timesheets to Paychecks

Quick and Easy Processing

Track Time

Facial recognition technology for easy clock in, and location tagging that accurately tracks employee hours, with no room for error.

Flexible pay policies let you decide how you pay for overtime, holidays, or ‘extended’ breaks.

Review Timesheets

At the end of the pay period, check the timesheets over to make sure that everything looks correct.

If anything is missing, the system will highlight it and bring it to your attention.

Submit To Payroll

Once you are happy, just click on ‘Submit Timesheets’. No need to schedule a time to call, e-mail, or fax – you can submit your figures anytime, from anywhere.

ProClock will send your approved timesheets to your payroll processor for the next steps.

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