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Time & Attendance
w/ Facial Recognition
ProClock is a revolutionary cloud-based Time & Attendance system for any small-to-medium size business with powerful features built specifically for payroll processing.

Available for iOS and Android

Facial Recognition
Facial recognition technology has proven to be extremely accurate, fast and easy to use. Our studies have shown far greater reliability over traditional fingerprint scanners that often fail to read dirty or clammy fingers. This is an issue for industrial and food industries where hands are always dirty or being washed. ProClock eliminates that issue entirely by mapping specific points on a persons face. Glasses are no problem at all!
Say goodbye to costly proprietary fingerprint scanners! Here we have a high quality Samsung Tab A ($129.99 retail) running Android. The front-facing camera combined with our facial recognition technology accurately identifies the employee and presents the correct punch. Use it in Kiosk mode (as shown here) or install it on each employee's mobile device. The choice is yours! iOS and Android are both fully supported.

Built for Easy Payroll Processing

Designed from the ground up for small-to-medium size businesses with payroll processing in mind, ProClock not only makes your life easier, but your payroll clients as well!

100% compatibility with ProPay means you can easily export your client files to create a new account within minutes.

When your client submits their hours for payroll, you’ll receive a notification email. Simply download the encrypted files securely from ProPay and begin processing the payroll. If you’ve already used our ProPay WEB add-on then you already know how quick & easy it is to import and process your client files!

  • NO expensive hardware required!
  • More accurate than a fingerpint
  • Cloud-based: No hosting or maintanence required!
  • A "smart" clock that predicts your next punch
  • 100% compatible with ProPay!
  • Instant client setup with ProPay.
  • Timesheet Approvals w/ employee signatures.
  • Detailed reports for hours worked, breaks, lunches, overtime and more.
  • Rounding & Pay Policies that keep you in compliance.