Time & Attendance

Making Payroll Easy

A "smart" clock that automates your payroll process.

Timesheets to Paychecks

Automate your

Face Detection

Identify employees quickly & accurately
with advanced facial recognition.

Track Time

Track employee hours with multiple Pay Rates, Departments, and Jobs.


Employees sign their timesheets.
Managers review and approve them.


We'll notify your payroll service when you're ready to go!

Face Recognition

Hassle-free clock in/out
  • Fast Identification

    Sign in quickly and securely using advanced facial recognition.

  • Kiosk Mode

    A secure device for everyone to use.

  • Location Data

    Know when and where your employees punch.

  • Smart Clock

    Auto-detects your next punch.

Play Video

Kiosk Mode

Your tablet becomes a time clock for everyone

  • Fast & Secure

    No typing in passwords
    Tap to punch, confirm, done!

  • Control

    Decide which features employees can use

  • Signed Timesheets

    Digitally signed timesheets
    Real signatures - not checkboxes
    Sign using a pen or finger

Work Anywhere

Bring your own device

  • Location Data

    GPS location tagging allows you to see exactly when and where a punch was created.

  • Work Remotely

    Perfect for employees working remotely from home, or on a job site.

  • Privacy

    We strongly believe in your right to privacy. No other location data is collected except for the time and location of an individual punch.

ProClock Manager

Web-based access for total control

  • Administration

    Web-based management offers full control of your company.

  • Alerts

    Get notified when employees make changes.
    Approve or Deny requests.
    Send messages to employees.

  • Approve Timesheets

    Digitally signed timesheets with real signatures.

Made For Payroll

Stay in compliance

Pay Policies

Total control over how you pay overtime.

Custom rules for OT, DT, meals, breaks,
consecutive work days., and much more!

Pay Rates

6 customizable Pay Rates.

Supports withholding of
Federal, State, FICA, FUTA, SUI and SDI.

Income & Deductions

Create your own!
Up to 18 per employee.

Advances, Garnishments, 401K, Uniforms, Meals...


Client Billing has never been easier!
Track who worked what hours on which job.

Workers Comp

Assign custom rates for each employee.
Assign to specific departments.


Create your own departments.

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