—Paysoft Partner Program

Create new monthly revenue with ProClock

  • Increase Revenue

    Maximize your billing potential by enrolling your payroll clients in ProClock and become a 50/50 partner with Paysoft.

  • ProPay Discount

    Generate income with ProClock and enjoy added discounts towards your ProPay license renewal.

  • Payroll on Autopilot

    Import timesheets into ProPay and say goodbye to manual data entry!

—New Monthly Revenue Streams

Increase Revenue

Attract More Payroll Clients

You have full control over billing. This empowers you to:

  • Bill your clients at the regular retail price and keep the extra 50% for yourself.
  • Use ProClock as a powerful sales tool to attract more payroll clients by offering Time and Attendance at an unbeatable price your competitors cannot match.

You can also decide this on a client-by-client basis. The choice is yours!

What if I only have a few clients?

How much revenue can I create?

Even with only have a few clients, the profits you make through our Partner Program can easily offset the cost of your license renewal.


No other Time & Attendance platform on the market can beat our unique combination of pricing and payroll integration features.

If you happen to find one, let us know and we’ll match it!

—Special Offer

ProPay Discount

Here’s how it works…

ProPay’s license renewal discount is based on the percentage of your clients that are subscribed to ProClock. Whatever that percentage is, we’ll match it.

This is in addition to the 20% early renewal discount you receive by renewing before the deadline.

Let’s say 30% of your clients use ProClock…

You’ll receive a total of 50% off your annual license renewal.

With 80% of your clients using ProClock
Your ProPay license is FREE!


You control the billing

Do what's best for your clients

You have total control of the billing. For each client, decide whether to keep the 50% or pass along the savings.


Bundle ProClock with your services and pocket the remaining 50%.

Activate the subscription with your payment information and disable the Billing section for other Managers. They still have access to everything else, but you control the account and what they see.

You can also combine both options by offering a partial discount and still make a profit.


  • Generate thousands of dollars annually with minimal setup.
  • “Bundle” Time & Attendance along with your service fee, or add it as an additional line item. How you bill them is totally up to you.


Add value to existing clients or use it as a sales tool to attract new clients.

Pass on the savings to your clients, or save it for that one who needs a little nudge to signup with your service.

If you decide to discount the whole 50%, you can take a more hands-off approach and have them activate the subscription with their own payment method.


  • Pass the savings on to them as a perk for being your client.
  • They’re happy knowing their payroll service can offer more premium services and save them money.


This offer applies to ProPay Professional and ProPay Enterprise editions.

This offer does not apply to ProPay Standard edition.

Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Your ProPay license comes with a free ProClock account to use within your own company.

You are free to charge whatever you want. Your billing is your business. However, we recommend you do not charge more than the retail price listed on our website.

  1. Add your payment information in the Billing section to activate the subscription.
    – You’ll be charged the 50% discounted rate.
  2. Disable other Managers from accessing this page by going to SETUP -> Users -> Managers and edit the Manager permissions.
  3. Bill your clients using  any method you like.

Yes! All ProClock accounts start with a 30 Day free trial. As a ProPay user, you can offer your clients a special 90 Day free trial.

This gives your clients (and their employees) plenty of time to get comfortable with the platform.

We have found that it takes an average of 2-3 pay periods for a new user to familiarize themselves with the platform. Once they understand how it works you may not hear from them for a while!

Yes! ProPay WEB is an add-on to ProPay and is included with your license renewal discount.

You can view the current pricing on our website.

We charge a Base Price + Cost Per Employee.

We keep the Base Price to help cover our costs for hosting, maintenance, and providing customer support.

We split the rest (cost per employee) 50/50.

ProPay has a menu option that lets you select your client and sync all of their company information with ProClock.

Within a couple of minutes, you’ll have an account setup for your client with all their information.

We have a tutorial video that will walk you through this process step-by-step. We’re also happy to connect with you and walk you through the process.


Payroll On Autopilot

Say goodbye to manual entry

Not only do your clients get a powerful cloud-based time and attendance solution that makes it incredibly easy to keep track of employee hours – but you get to sit back and put their payroll on autopilot.

Yes… autopilot!

Instead of waiting for your client to call, fax, or email their hours and then spend more time manually entering all of that information into ProPay…

Wouldn’t it be great if your client could enter that information themselves? With ProClock, they can:

  • Add, edit, or terminate employees themselves?
  • Add income and deductions themselves?
  • Change Pay Rates
  • Add Other Pay

All of these little changes add up to you spending more time with data entry.

Now it’s done for you!

ProClock calculates all of the overtime, tracks hours at multiple Pay Rates, and lets the employer add Deductions, Other Pay and so much more.

ProPay imports the timesheets, and within seconds, calculates all of the taxes and prepares the payroll for you.

Any changes made in ProClock will automatically sync with ProPay, and vice versa.

—Start To Finish

How It Works

Timesheets to Paychecks

Time & Attendance

Your clients track employee hours with a modern cloud-based platform powered by Amazon AWS.

Import Timesheets

Once your client submits their timesheets, you'll get a notification that it's ready. Just open ProPay and select "Import Timesheets".


Check the summary report to make sure everything looks correct.

Run Payroll

You're ready to process payroll!
No manual data entry required!

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