—Special Opportunity

Double Your Income

From Payroll Services

  • Increase Revenue

    Offering additional time and attendance services to your clients adds value to your company and improves your revenues.

  • Put Time & Attendance On AutoPilot

    ProPay imports timesheets from ProClock and handles all the processing for you, with no data entry required.

  • Deepen Client Relationships

    ProClock is easy for both you and your clients, strengthening your relationships with them and building loyalty.

How much can I make with ProClock?

Increase revenue and earn additional discounts on your ProPay license.

—Increase profits

Expand Your Services, Charge More

Everybody wins

Bundling time and attendance technology in with your payroll provider is a great way of adding value for your clients, enabling you to charge them more.

What if you could

without increasing you labor costs?

With ProClock, you can. There is no data entry involved – ProPay and ProClock synchronize with each other seamlessly. The employer adds and edits new employees, and signs off on timesheets. Then, at the end of every pay period, they click a button that sends you a file with hours worked, salaries, etc. You just click a button to import the file, and you are ready to print checks or process payments.

We get it – time and attendance systems for small businesses that are perfectly streamlined and aligned with payroll tools sound like they are too good to be true. You don’t have to take our word for it though – we are inviting you to try ProClock completely free within your own company with a completely free license. This gives you the opportunity to become familiar with the features and benefits, and you can feel more confident in recommending it to your client base.

As an added bonus, when you start to sign up your clients, you’ll get discounts on their licenses – so you can choose to either pass on those savings, or add them to your profits. Your clients can use ProClock completely free of charge for the first 90 days – so there is really no reason not to give it a try.

That is how confident we are that both you and your clients will fall in love with ProClock.

If you have any questions about this offer, or about ProClock in general, please feel free to get in contact using the form below.

How Does ProClock Affect Your Profits?

Payroll Services + ProClock

Take a look at the table below to see how offering payroll service alone stacks up against bundling those services with ProClock Time & Attendance.

Average Payroll = 15 employees
Average Billing = $208 per month

Annual Income & Expenses 50 Clients
Payroll Only
50 Clients
+ ProClock
100 Clients
+ ProClock
Annual BILLING from Payroll
+ $125,000
+ $125,000
+ $250,000
ProClock ($540 per client)
+ $27,000
+ $54,000
Less Labor Hours to Process Payrolls
- $30,000
- $15,000
- $30,000
Less Courier Delivery
- $18,000
- $18,000
- $36,000
Less Cost of checks
- $2,000
- $2,000
- $4,000
Less cost of payroll software
- $3,000
Additional Income


You can charge your clients whatever you want to, your billing is completely up to you. We would recommend, however, that you do not charge more than the retail price listed on our website.

Of course! All new ProClock accounts start with a free 30-day trial.

This gives your clients, and their employees, plenty of time to get used to the new system and comfortable using the platform.

We have found that on average, it takes around two to three pay periods for a new user to become totally familiarized with the platform. After that, you may not hear from them in quite some time!

The base price is our way of covering the costs of hosting, maintenance, development, and providing customer support.

We split the other income 50/50 with you.

Within ProPay, there is a menu option that allows you to select your client and then synchronize all of their company information with the ProClock platform.

Within a couple of minutes, and just a few clicks, you will have an account set up and ready for use by your client, with all the information already populated.

If you need further assistance getting started, you can view our step-by-step walkthrough video.

How do I create a ProClock account from ProPay?


You Control The Billing

Markup Or Discount: It’s Your Choice

You have complete control of how you bill your clients: we are giving you 50% of the revenues, so you can either keep that or pass that along as a cost-saving. You can also disable other admin accounts within the platform from being able to view the billing section.

You have two options when you set up the account for your client:

1. Markup the cost and secure a profit.
2. Offer your clients a discounted rate.


If you plan to markup, we recommend that you activate the subscription with your payment information, and disable other access to the billing section of the platform.

Users will still be able to access everything else, but you control what they see when it comes to costs.


  • Generate thousands of dollars annually with minimal setup.
  • Bundle  time and attendance with your service fee, or add it as an additional line item.

How you bill them is totally up to you.

Pass the savings on to your clients, or incentivize those that may be reluctant to take the first step.

If you decide to discount the whole 50%, you are able to take a more hands-off approach and have your clients sign up with their own payment methods.


  • Pass the savings on as a perk of being your client.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by offering a premium service at a low rate.


Setting up billing controls is very easy:

  1. Add your payment information in the Billing section to activate the subscription.
  2. Disable other managers (admin accounts) from accessing the page – in the SETUP menu, go to USERS, then MANAGERS, and edit the manager permissions.


Automate Your Payroll

Say Goodbye To Manual Data Entry

Signing up your clients with ProClock not only gives them access to a powerful, cloud-based time and attendance solution, but you also get to sit back and put their payroll on autopilot.

Instead of your client calling or e-mailing you, wouldn’t it be so much better if they could:

  • Add or remove employees themselves?
  • Add income and deductions themselves?
  • Change pay rates themselves?

All of these small admin changes (and others) that currently take up your time are done for you on ProClock.

Because ProPay and ProClock are seamlessly integrated, all details are imported and synchronized for you with updated timesheets.

—Start To Finish

How It Works

Timesheets To Paychecks

Time & Attendance

Employees use the face recognition technology built into ProClock to track their hours. The system assigns pay rates, departments, and jobs according to the rules the employer has set up.

Import Timesheets

After your client approves and submits the hours, you will get an electronic notification. Simply open ProPay and select ‘Import Timesheets’.


No need for manual entry and the associated errors – simply check the summary reports to make sure everything looks okay, and you are ready to go.

Run Payroll

That’s it – you’re ready for payroll!

—Special Offer

Free ProPay License

How The Special Offer Works

Your ProPay license renewal discount is based on the percentage of your clients that are subscribed – whatever that percentage is, we will match it.

So, if you sign 50% of your clients up to use ProClock… You will receive 50% off your annual license renewal.

It gets even better though…

Get 80% (or more!) of your clients signed up to use ProClock,
and you’ll get a FREE ProPay license.

What if only a few clients are interested in time and attendance?

It is still very much worth it – look at the table above to see how you can bundle ProClock with your other services and add $1,000s in additional revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

This offer applies to ProPay Professional and ProPay Enterprise editions only.

Yes – ProClock works with all editions of ProClock.

However, you may want to consider upgrading your ProPay license – not only will you get the additional features that come with the professional edition, but you may also discover that with the discount your renewal will be equal to or cheaper than your standard license.

Either way, you still get the time-saving benefits of automating your payrolls!


Yes – ProPay WEB is an add-on to ProPay and is included in the discount.

Nothing. Your ProPay license comes with a free ProClock account to use within your own company.

* Discounts are applied only to ProPay’s annual license renewal fee. New purchases are still subject to the price listed on our website.
* ProClock discounts are in addition to the 20% discount we offer with your early renewal.

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