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How to get a FREE ProPay license

...and charge more for payroll services!

  • Increase Revenue

    Become a 50/50 partner with Paysoft and share in the profits.

  • Autopilot

    ProPay imports timesheets and handles everything for you.

  • Add Value

    Add value to your company by offering additional services.

—Special Offer

Free ProPay License

Here’s how it works…

ProPay’s license renewal discount is based on the percentage of your clients that are subscribed to ProClock. Whatever that percentage is, we’ll match it.

Let’s say 50% of your clients use ProClock…
You will receive 50% off your annual license renewal.

If you have at least 80% of your clients subscribed to ProClock…
You will get a FREE ProPay license.

What if only a few clients are interested in Time & Attendance?

Is it still worth it?

Absolutely! In the next section, we’ll show you how you can bundle ProClock with your services and add $1,000’s in extra revenue to your business.


This offer applies to ProPay Professional and ProPay Enterprise editions.

This offer does not apply to ProPay Standard edition.

Yes! ProClock works for everyone and the Import Timesheets option works with all editions of ProPay.

If you have clients who want to use ProClock, you may want to consider upgrading your ProPay license. Not only will you get the additional features that come with the Professional edition, you may discover that the discounted price of your license renewal will be equal to, or less than the cost of your Standard license.

Either way, you’ll still get the time-saving benefits of automating your payrolls!

Yes! ProPay WEB is an add-on to ProPay and is included in the discount.

Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Your ProPay license comes with a free ProClock account to use within your own company.

* Discounts are applied only to ProPay’s annual license renewal fee. New purchases are still subject to the price listed on our website.
* ProClock discounts are in addition to the 20% discount we offer with your early renewal.

—Partner with Paysoft

Charge more for your services

Everybody wins

Getting a free ProPay license sounds great, right? Well, you’re about to see that it’s only the tip of the iceberg. It gets so much better!

What if you could add $1,000's in extra revenue to your business withZEROupfront investment?

What if you could do this while reducing your labor costs?

Here’s how it works…

When you export your client from ProPay, it creates a new ProClock account on our cloud servers using the same Company ID assigned to them in ProPay.

All of the client data is transferred to ProClock automatically – so there’s nothing to setup!

Our billing system recognizes the Company ID and automatically discounts the price per employee by 50%.

Example Scenario

An average small business restaurant with 25 employees.


If they signup themselves on proclock.com, they’ll pay a monthly subscription fee of:

$19.95 Base Price
+ $6 Per Employee ($150)
Total = $169.95

Payroll Processor

When you create the account from ProPay, you’ll be charged monthly subscription fee of:

$19.95 Base Price
+ $3 Per Employee ($75)
Total = $94.95

That’s a difference of $75 per month ($900 annually)

Sign up 10 clients like this and you’ll generate an extra $9,000 annually without any extra work!

In fact, you’ll be reducing your workload since you’ll be importing timesheets instead of  typing everything in manually.

When you partner with Paysoft and sign up your clients with ProClock, everyone wins!

  1. Your clients get a modern Time & Attendance platform that makes their life easier.
  2. We gain more subscribers to our platform.
  3. You make money offering more premium services to your clients.

We believe this is the perfect Win-Win-Win for everyone!


You are free to charge whatever you want. Your billing is your business. However, we recommend you do not charge more than the retail price listed on our website here.

Yes! All new ProClock accounts start with a free 30 day trial.

This gives your clients (and their employees) plenty of time to get comfortable with the platform.

We have found that it takes an average of 2-3 pay periods for a new user to familiarize themselves with the platform.

Once they understand how it works you may not hear from them for a while!

We keep the Base Price to help cover our costs for hosting, maintenance, and providing customer support.

We split the rest 50/50.

ProPay has a menu option that lets you select your client and syncs all their company information with ProClock.

Within a couple of minutes, you’ll have an account setup for your client with all the information.

We also have a tutorial video that will walk you through step-by-step.

How do I create a ProClock account from ProPay?


You control the billing

Markup or discount

You have total control of the billing. You decide whether to keep the 50% or pass the savings along to your client. You can also disable other Managers (admin accounts) from viewing the billing section.

You have 2 options when you setup the account on behalf of your client:

1. Markup the cost and make a profit.
2. Offer your client a discounted rate.


If you plan to markup, we recommend that you activate the subscription with your payment information and disable other Managers (admin accounts) from accessing Billing section.

They still have access to everything else, but you control the account and what they see.


  • Generate thousands of dollars annually with minimal setup.

  • “Bundle” Time & Attendance along with your service fee, or add it as an additional line item. How you bill them is totally up to you.

Pass on the savings to your clients, or save it for that one who needs a little nudge to signup with your service.

If you decide to discount the whole 50%, you can take a more hands-off approach and have them activate the subscription with their own payment method.


  • Pass the savings on to them as a perk for being your client.

  • They’re happy knowing their payroll service can offer more premium services and save them money.


  1. Add your payment information in the Billing section to activate the subscription.
  2. Disable other Managers (admin accounts) from accessing this page.

In the SETUP menu, go to Users -> Managers and edit the Manager permissions.


Automate your payroll

Say goodbye to manual entry

When you sign up your clients with ProClock, not only do they get a powerful cloud-based time and attendance solution that makes it incredibly easy to keep track of employee hours – but you get to sit back and put their payroll on autopilot.

Yes… autopilot!

Instead of your client calling, faxing, or emailing you… Wouldn’t it be great if they could

Add or terminate employees themselves?
Add income and deductions themselves?
Change Pay Rates?

All of these little changes (and more) that used to take up your time are now done for you!

ProPay imports their timesheets and handles everything for you. Any changes made to employees in ProClock will synchronize with ProPay.

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Basic Overview

Timesheets to Paychecks

Time & Attendance

ProClock uses advanced face recognition to identify employees and tracks their hours using multiple Pay Rates, Departments, and Jobs.

Import Timesheets

After your client approves and submits their hours, you'll get a notification that it's ready. Then open ProPay and select "Import Timesheets".


Eliminate manual entry and reduce costly errors. Simply check the summary reports to make sure everything looks ok and you're ready to go.

Run Payroll

You're ready for payroll!

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