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Timesheet Summary

The Timesheet Summary report, accessed through the Payroll Reports menu, provides a breakdown of the total hours worked by Regular, Overtime, Double time and Holiday hours. It may be used by management to track overtime and premium pay at any time, or it can be used for Payroll Processing at the end of each pay period.

The report displays all hours in the format of minutes and hundredths of minutes (not minutes and seconds).
The report may be generated in two formats:

  1. Detail: Showing complete daily activity of employees per the selected period.
  2. Summary: Containing only the grand totals of employees’ hours per selected period.

Brief Analysis of the Report’s Performed Calculations
The hours collected from the ProClock generates the Timesheet Summary report.
If you are wondering how this report was calculated, the following is a short description of the various calculations, or tests, that are performed prior to producing the Payroll Summary report.

MISSING PUNCHES: If the program cannot find “closing pairs” (such as Start/End Day, Start/End Lunch, Start/End Break), it will not include the employee who has missed punches in the report.
After the pairs are collected, the hours are checked against Minimum Hours Pay (according to worker’s Pay Policy assigned). If an employee has less hours than the minimum hours paid, then the worker is automatically assigned the minimum hours.

The program performs the following calculations in this order:

  1. The Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Semi-Monthly, policy rules are applied according to each employee’s assigned pay policy.
  2. The rules for Consecutive Workday Premiums are applied (if any are assigned).
  3. The rules for Saturday and/or Sunday premiums are applied (if any are assigned).
  4. Finally, we check for Last Workweek Day rules.

What is considered as Last Workweek Day?
This day is the last day inside a workweek. If the pay period starts on a MONDAY, then the last workweek day will be the following SUNDAY. If the pay period starts on a SUNDAY, then the last workweek day will be the following SATURDAY, and so on.

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