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Submit Timesheets

Submitting a the files to Payroll Processor

For now, exporting the hours calculated is possible only to Payroll Processor who uses Paysoft ProPay program for Payroll Processing.

Manager will provide

– Payroll date

– Payroll Start data period

– Payroll End data period

– Employees Payroll Period (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly or Monthly)

The system will calculate the hours and prepare the exporting database and show it on the screen as a list

Submit Timesheet to Payroll Processor

Click the submit timesheet button on the timesheet summary report page.

This screen shows the hours data derived according to Start and End dates selected for exporting

From here, Manager can select several actions:

EDIT data for selected Employee from list

Selecting this option, a new screen opens where Manager can enter/manage hours and payment type

ADD a new record (Employee) data for exporting

If needed, Manager can add another Employee record for exporting and enter some data

DELETE data for selected Employee from exporting

Selected Employee can be also deleted from the exporting data

DEDUCTIONS data for selected Employee

Before finally export the data to Payroll Processor, manager can review and change deductions for the Employee selected from list


The reports show data in two ways:

– Print a list of hours calculated (Regular, OT, DT …)

– Display and print Payroll Totals by hour types


Final process is compressing and sending the files to Payroll Processor.  Click on the button Submit Your Timesheets.

An email will be sent to Payroll Processor, reminding them that the files were sent and are ready for importing.


This screen allows Manager to enter or change the hours for selected employee. The payment types are listed in blue color on the right side of screen.

If for example Manager wants to enter new payment “Overtime”:

-Highlight the employee to edit, then click on the edit button at the bottom of the screen

– Manger can edit the employee’s overtime on the next screen.

_ The manager will need to delete the current data and enter the new data using the pay type number on the right side of the screen.

– If the Pay Rate for the Employee is defined in Employee Profile, the PayRate will show in the “Rate” field and Gross will be calculated automatically. If not, the Manager will have to enter the PayRate into the “Rate” field and the Gross will be calculated

– Finally, if everything is correct, Manager will click on Finishbutton to accept the input and the line in a list below will show up.

Deleting the entered data

Select the row in the list below and click on DELETE ENTRY button

If everything is done properly, click on FINISH and EXIT  button to return to previous screen

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