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Shift Definitions

The Shifts sub menu is accessed only if Shifts Used has been checked in the Employer’s Data entry screen (folder #1)

Purpose of Shifts

By incorporating Shifts into the company’s Time clock set-up, certain restrictions may apply regarding the time spans during which employees allowed to clock in and out.

Some of the benefits derived by the use of shifts are:

— Control of unauthorized overtime

— Tracking tardiness

— Tracking absenteeism

— Tracking Extended breaks

— Tracking Leaving work early

— Preparation of work schedules


Enter any number to assign to a particular shift. If you have no preferences, just accept the default number.


Enter a description such as “1st Shift”, “2nd Shift”, “Day shift”, “Graveyard Shift”, etc.

Start Time

Enter the Start Time for this shift. Use Military Time (0-24 hours).

End Time

Enter the End Time for this shift. Use Military Time (0-24 hours).

How can the worker(s) be authorized to work overtime?

To authorize an individual employee, the supervisor must check the box “Exempt Employee from Shift Rules” in the employee’s information card under the “Employee’s Data menu option”

A report may be printed from the Shift definitions menu of all employees sorted by shift number.

Shift Differentials

Here we can define the shift start and end time and the rules which applies to each   Shift Differentials (Shift Premiums) The Manager defines the rules for paying extra if the Employee works between some defined hours (any day of the week, or Saturday or Sunday)   Rules on overlapping and Premium Shifts How these hours are to be paid.

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