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Punch Management

The Punch Management screen allows authorized users to add or edit employees’ punches in the Punches Collection database. If an Employee forgot to punch in from lunch, or forgot to punch out when going home from work, the supervisor must add the missing punches to the Employee’s record in order the program to be able to calculate the total hours worked

When the edit screen appears:

Select the employee for adjustments.
Date column
This is the date of the punch.

Time column
This is the time that the employee punched.

Status column
Valid statuses are:
SD = Start Day
ED = End Day
SL = Start Lunch
EL = End Lunch
SB = Start Break
EB = End break

Actions column
You perform the following by clicking on the icons in this column.

Delete a Punch by clicking on the trash can icon. The system will ask to confirmation that you want to delete the entry, if you do not want to delete the entry select cancel otherwise click yes.
Edit a punch by clicking on the pencil icon. This will bring up the punch screen where you can edit the punch. The system requires that you enter a comment before saving the changes. This a good practice so if an employee says their punches are wrong you can have a note with the reason why the punch was edited.
Employee location by clicking on the GPS location icon you see where the employee was when they punched.

Dept column
If the employer uses departments, the department number will be in this column.

Job No column
If the employer uses Job numbers, a job number for the employee’s hours worked will be in this column.

Add Punch
This button is used to add any missed punches. You will need add a note when you add a punch before the system will allow you to save the punch. This is a good practice so if an employee says the punch is wrong you will have a note as to why the punch was added at a particular time.

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