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Punch Management

On the punch management screen you can see you punches, total hours worked each day, you can edit punches, and add/delete punches. Adding, deleting, and editing punches will generate a message that is sent to the manager for them to review the punch. They can either accept or reject the punch.

To edit a punch click on the punch you would like to edit. Click on the time to edi the time punched. The screen below will appear and you can enter the corect time, then click done.

The screen below will come up and you can enter a comment so your manager can see why a change in your punch was done. Once you comment has been entered click save and a message will be sent to your manager notifying them that there is a punch to be reviewed.

To add a punch click one of the punches on the day you want to add a punch to, then screen below will come up. Click on the plus sign to add a punch. A punch will be added and then you can edit that punch for type and time. This is a great way to add any missed punches you may have before the end of the pay period or when you realize you missed a punch and it helps the manager because he/she does not have to come and ask you for information about your missed punches.


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