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ProClock Setup

Allow Missed punches? (Punches not checked by program.)

If this feature is selected, employees will have to report to the supervisor before being allowed to punch in or out.

For example, if an employee punched out for lunch, but forgot to punch in from lunch, that employee will not be allowed to punch out at the end of the day.

A message will be displayed instructing the employee to report to the missing punch to their supervisor. Then the supervisor will have to “Add” the missed punch to the employees database before the Employee can punch out. This procedure may be used to enforce better punching habits by the employees. However, it only should be activated while a supervisor is on duty, otherwise the employees will be prevented from punching in or out at the approproate times if they missed any prior punches.

Allow Employees to select PayRates

If this option is selected as “YES” – the employee will be able to select the Pay rate for the current punch

Reports Printout Type

All printouts can be directed to PDF file  or to HTML file. Both selections will show the result on screen. The Manager will then decide if the report will be printed  or not. Whatever is selected on this screen will stay as the default selection. However, the Manager can select different format just before printing.

Use Break

If this option is set to “NO”, the Employee will not be able to punch Start/End Breaks

Use Lunch

If this option is set to “NO”, the Employee will not be able to punch Start/End Lunch

Maximum allowed hours between SD-ED punches (Start Day-End Day punches)

This number will determine how much time can pass after the SD punch before the program will accept the ED punch.

For example if this number is 10, this means that if the Employee punched at 8:00 the employee can punch ED not later than 18:00.

If the Employee wants to punch ED at 19:00, the program will not accept and the Employee will have to ask Manager for assistance.

Location Sharing Required

ProClock program can detect an Employee’s location when punching.

This can be used later by the Manager to make an additional check of Employee’s location when they punched. For example, when reviewing the punches, the Manager can click on the button labeled “Show Map” and the program will show the exact map location from where the Employee punched for any of the employee’s punches.

If the selection is YES, the device will ask Employee to allow “Location Sharing”. If the Employee fails to allow Location Sharing, the program will keep asking until the Employee either allows Location Sharing or asks Manager for assistance.

If the selection is NO, the device will not ask the employee to allow Location Sharing.

Payroll processor email

If the ProClock client is a Propay client as well, then it is possible to EXPORT the files to ProPay for  Payroll processing. This is done by sending an email with the necessary hours and other data to Payroll service bureau, to the e-mail provided here.

At this time, the only Payroll Provider can receive the files can be exported into ProPay.

Current Payroll and Reports date span

This dates are used to select the date span the report and other data used for printing reports.

The dates can be changed before printing.

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