Missed Punches

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Missed Punches

Missed Punches

This report provides a list of employees with missed punches for a selected period.
The purpose of this report is to assist the system administrator to quickly locate missed punches.

The report refers to “Missing Pairs” of:
Start Date-End Date (SD-ED)
Start Lunch-End Lunch (SL-EL)
Start Break-End Break (SB-EB)

The report setting to show only missed punches can be turned on or off.
When turned on, only the employees with missed punches will be displayed.
When turned off, all employees will be displayed.

To view this report:
Select the “Missed Punches Report” from the Payroll Reports menu.
Choose the pay period by using the drop down menu
Choose the Employees Selection of either All Employees or a selected employee
Click the “Accept”.

The system will generate a report for the selected dates and show the report on the screen.

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