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ProClock Managers are the only ones that can run the ProClock MANAGER program.

When the user starts MANAGER program, he/she can enter or correct the data for his/her own profile.

Also, any MANAGER can add more Managers.

Manager logs into MANAGER program with his/her EMAIL and PASSWORD. Once the manager opens Manager Profile option he/she CANNOT change data of any other Manager with ADMIN status in the Managers database. He/she can only:

–        change his/her own data

–        ADD a new manager

–        change data to an existing Manager who does not have ADMIN status.

Managers can also have access to Employee Profiles.


Managers types are ADMIN and non-Admin. This is selected when clicking on checkbox labeled ADMIN. If the ADMIN box is checked, the accessible program menu options will be automatically checked, meaning, this Manager can access ANY program option.

If the ADMIN box is not checked, then the program options this Manager can access must be checked on the right side of the screen.

If the box “Access Rights” is selected as “0- Custom user permissions” then for this manager the program options he/she can access must be selected. The options to select from are on the right side of the screen.


This Manager has the most privileges and can use any program option. Manager can also add other managers or change their data except Passwords and ADMIN status

ADMIN manager can create another ADMIN manager, ProClock allows for an unlimited number of ADMIN managers.

ADMIN manager cannot change other ADMIN managers data once created! Any ADMIN user can see only his OWN data, other ADMIN managers’ password and status are not accessible.

Every ADMIN manager can see any non-ADMIN manager data, or all data of non-ADMIN managers except the passwords for ADMIN managers


The managers which do not have ADMIN status, cannot access this program option!


Adding a new manager can be performed only by the manager who is of ADMIN status

The fields to add:

Username (email)

If we want to take the e-mail address from the manager’s Employee Profile record, we need to click on “SELECT EMPLOYEE TO USE E-MAIL” button and the list of Employees will show with their e-mail addresses.

Select the Employee you want to use his/her e-mail address and the email address will be transferred automatically to the field as indicated above.

– Password

Password is 10 characters in length.

– Manager Name: here we enter this manager name, nickname

– Access Rights:

         0 means “custom user permissions” – the Manager has to check the appropriate checkboxes on the right par of screen to allow access to any of the program options

         9 means the manager can access all Program options. The access checkboxes will become all checked automatically. Manager has to be careful to uncheck the options which this user will not be allowed to access (especially user management)

Admin checkbox (to promote this user as ADMIN)

Allowed to manage bills: This manager will be allowed to manage program options which deals with billing

After all data has been entered, click APPLY MANAGER CHANGES to save.

CHANGE Manager

Simply change the element showed above and hit APPLY to save changes.

The changes can be done only by manager’s own data or to other managers which is not in ADMIN status!

If the user needs to change other ADMIN status Manager, he can do that except PASSWORD and ADMIN status checkbox

DELETE Manager

There is no way to delete the manager in ADMIN status!

Also, it is not possible to delete OWN manager data!

Only the users which do not have ADMIN status can be deleted and only by managers with ADMIN status!


On the right section of the screen there are options of the Proclock MANAGER program

Manager should check only the program options which will be available for non-ADMIN managers.

ADMIN managers can access all program options

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