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To add a new Job to the system, click ADD button and enter:


Enter any 4 digit Job number.


Enter a description of the job.

Then click APPLY button

To change the existing Job data, select the Job on the list by clicking on it.

Change the Job Name and/or Job number, then click on APPLY button

How does this affect employee punching?

If the “Job Cost Report needed” box is checked in Company set-up, Employees will be prompted to enter a Job code (Job#) whenever they clock in with an SD (Start Day) punch. Any hours worked until the next ED (End day) punch will be recorded with the above Job# in the hours database.  If employees work on more than one job in the same shift, they must punch End Day (ED) for one job, and then punch Start day (SD) for the next job.

Job Cost Reports

Job cost reports are available only if the Manager checked the “Job Cost Report needed”, otherwise this option will be disabled

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