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For Payroll purposes there are certain predefined calendar dates within each year that are treated by the Employer in one of two ways:

a) Employees may receive pay without working on that date.

b) Employees may receive Premium pay, if worked on that particular date.

Therefore, it is only meaningful to include Holidays that are treated by the employer in either of the above two ways. Any other Holidays, such as non-paid holidays, should not be included in the Holidays database, as they serve no purpose.

At the beginning of each year, the user DOES NOT have to enter the Holidays sub menu, and modify the Holidays’ dates accordingly for the new year, because the ProClock will use only the MONTH/DAY part of each Holiday date.

Holiday Packages

Holiday Assigned to Holiday Packages

A Holiday Package is a set of paid Holidays assigned to a particular Package which is assigned to each employee.

A company may have one Holiday Package for all employees, or may define different Packages for different employees.

Prior to creating Holiday Packages, you must have defined all paid Holidays through the Holidays menu.

Each holiday Package includes its own holidays.

You may have several holiday Packages defined, each one with its own holidays included.


Enter the number of paid hours to pay employees for that holiday.

Paid if NOT Worked

Check this box if employees will be entitled to holiday pay on that date without having to work. Also, you must select if employees will be paid as Regular time, Overtime, or Double time. If the company requires that employees must work on that day to be entitled to Holiday pay, do not check this box.

If worked Paid as...

The following applies to employees who work on a holiday. Here, a selection must be made to specify if employees who worked on that day will be paid as Regular time, Overtime, or Double time.

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