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Face Manager

For best results, take 5 -10 images with your mobile device.

If you wear glasses, you may want to take some images with your glasses on and some with your glasses off.

Be sure be looking forward when you take your images so the facial recognition will recognize you.

To add images, click on New Image.


Main Menu --> Face Manager

Face Manager is always available in the Main Menu when you are signed in as an Individual.

To access the Face Manager on a Kiosk Device (tablet), press ENTER PUNCH on the home screen and allow the Face Recognition to authenticate you.

Once you are identified, your name will appear next to the Main Menu button and will present you with your next punch. At this point, you may press the Main Menu button to view a list of options that are customized to you, including Face Recognition.

Adding Images

In the lower-left corner, press New Image.

Allow access to your camera, if prompted.

The device will use your front-facing camera to begin taking a picture.

Move close enough to the screen until the detection box turns green.
If the color is red, you are too far away.

Adding Tips

Whenever the Employee punches TIPS, the system finds the previously entered tip for the current date.If it found the TIP already entered the new TIP amount will be added, otherwise a new TIP will be recorded.

This program option allows the Manager to review how many TIPS Employees were punching and might be helpful when the Manager wants to check punched TIPS.

First select the date span, you want to review the punches. The system will print the list of all punches for all employees.


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