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Employee Deductions


When finished, click on the APPLY AND EXIT button

There are 5 types of income and deductions in ProClock system.
You can select any of the four types from dropdown box on the left. When the user selects one of the deduction types, the appropriate column input field will show as enabled. This way there is less possibility of error.
Every deduction type will have the last column enabled after selection labeled “Limit Amount” Here the user can input the amount deduction cannot exceed, for example for a garnishment.

(A) – Amount: 
If the Deduction amount, or Income amount, is the same every pay date, select an “A” under Type, and the amount under a Standard Amount.
(P) – Percent of Gross:
Deductions or other Income may be calculated as a percentage of Gross Pay by selecting a “P” under “Type” and a percentage under “Percent.”
(H) – Hourly Rate:
Deductions or other Income may be calculated based on the number of hours worked. If applicable, select “H” under Type and the Hourly Rate in the proper column.  Example:  A restaurant wishes to charge the employees for meals at the rate of 50 cents per hour worked.
(G) – Garnishment: (Per Federal law)
Generally, if the employee is subject to garnishment under Federal Law, select “G” under type and enter an amount. The program calculates the minimum amount that the employee must take home before garnishments are applied, according to Federal Law.  According to Federal law, the employee is entitled to an Exempt amount before any garnishments are applied.  An example of this may be an order to garnish wages for back taxes owed to a federal or state agency. Many states or counties do not have such a provision
(D) – Disposable
Deductions are calculated based on gross wages less any federal and state required deductions, such as state and federal withholding tax, Social Security, Medicare, and state disability tax. It also includes any employee retirement plan contributions that are required by law.

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