Direct Deposits

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Direct Deposits

Direct Deposits

To set up employees for direct deposits:
— Have an authorization form signed by the employee.
— Employee should provide a voided check from their bank account. The voided check will provide you with information where to deposit the employee’s funds.

Enter the bank name as shown on the voided check.

9 Digit R/T #
Every bank is identified by a unique 9-digit Routing and Transit (R/T) number. This number is enclosed in special symbols at the bottom of the voided check. Enter only the specific 9 digits.

Employee Account #
The employee account number is also shown at the bottom of the voided checks. Enter only numbers for the employee’s account.

Enter “C” for “Checking or “S” for “Savings.”

% Percent
Enter the percentage of the net pay that should go into this account. If only one account is used enter “100” percent.
NOTE: The Net pay may be split into 4 different bank accounts.

Enter an amount to be deposited into this account.
NOTE: You can divide a paycheck by percentage &/or amounts. Amounts must be entered before percentages. For example…
1ST NAT BANK (CHECKING) 100 % (of what’s left over)
NOTE: Bank account number “1” has priority over accounts 2, 3, and 4. Bank account number “2” has priority over accounts 3 and 4 etc. If the net pay is insufficient to satisfy the deposit requirements as set up, the different bank accounts will be satisfied based on priority.

Removing Direct Deposit Setup
If the employee no longer desires to have direct deposits, enter a zero in the amount, or percent fields, or erase all fields. Be sure to exit to the previous screen and click on “SAVE” to save any changes.

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