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When you want departmental break-down reports or Worker’s Compensation Reports, you must first set up departments. Worker’s compensation classifications must be tied into departments.

Be careful defining departments so that they match the Workers’ Comp (W/C) classifications. Under each department you may attach a W/C Code ID which may be the same as the Department ID, or different. The W/C Description may be the same — or different — as the Dept. Description. The W/C Rate are assigned to each employer by the W/C Insurance carrier.

WC Codes

Before you start defining Departments, the WC Codes must be defined

When you want to define a new Department, you must first click on ADD button, then enter Department’s name and code on the top right. Then you must select the “Default WC code” and finally click on APPLY button

NOTE on printing: For W/C Reports to print correctly, you must set up W/C rates FIRST before any payroll is processed by a PRO-PAY payroll processor.

Review a copy of the form that must be submitted periodically to the insurance carrier for the exact W/C classification codes and descriptions.

When new employees are entered, they must be assigned a department number. That is all that is needed. Without any additional input from the user, the departmental break-down report and the W/C premium calculation report are printed automatically after each payroll is processed.

To make changes to your department information:

– Select the department from the list

– Change the Department name, ID or Default WC code

– Click on APPLY button

(If you try to change the department data, before you select any department from the list, the system display an error message)

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