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Who is at work

This screen will show a list of all Employees.

The Employee name highlighted in RED has not punched Start Day (SD) for the current work day. If the system finds the situation that the Employee did not punch SD for the current day, it will try to find the SD punch in on the previous day. This is because there might be a situation where the employee actually punched SD the previous day and is still working after midnight. This might be the reason there is no SD punch in the current day, but the Employee is actually on duty. Of course if the difference between SD punched on the previous day and current time is longer than “Maximum allowed hours between SD-ED pair”, such Employee is not considered as “on duty”.

For example, if Employee punches in on the previous day at 23:00 and the report is run at 20:00 and the “Maximum allowed hours between SD-ED pair” is set to 20 hours, such employee is considered ”not on duty”. This is because the time difference between previous day SD (23:00) and today’s time (20:00) is 21 hours. But the system allows only 20 hours before it concludes that the Employee is not on duty. If the report is run at 15:00, the Employee is considered as being “on duty” because the time difference is 16 hours.

The Employee highlighted in GREEN is considered as being “on duty”

The Employee highlighted in YELLOW is considered “completed his duty”, which means the system found the pair SD – ED (end day), where ED show earlier time than the report is run.

For example, if Employee punched SD at 08:00 and punched out at 17:00 and the report is created at 18:00 – the employee is in status “completed duty”.

But if the report is created on 14:00 – the Employee is considered “on duty”

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