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Customer Support

Support is provided via email:

Customer Support email:

Technical Support Procedure:

Before submitting any request for support  open Proclock Manager with your browser and log-in with your credentials

Next, and click on PRO-PAY HELP and search for the appropriate help topic related to your question

If you cannot find the answer to your question, you may request Tecnical support as shown below:

– ProPay Technical Support requests MUST be submitted via email to

In the subject of your email you must enter your 7-character Company ID and your company Name as shown blow:.

Only Managers can submit Requests for Technical Support

Your Name must be on the Company’s Manager List , otherwise your request will be ignored.

Enter your Name  at the top followed by a detailed description of the problem you are having.

I you can insert a screen shot  of the problem it will help us to understand your problem respond faster to your request.


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