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Company Setup

Company Setup
This setup dialog contains the company’s business name, address and the tax state, etc. It also includes setup data, such as Departments used, Job Cost Reports needed, Employee Direct Deposits, and Vacation/Sick Accruals.
At the bottom, it contains payroll related issues and default company policies to be used when a new employee is added to the employee database, as well as the default pay period used by the company. (Please read the help topics on company policies for further explanations on these items).

Business Title:
Enter the Owner’s name (if sole proprietor), the General Partner’s name (if partnership), or the Corporation name (if incorporated). Also enter the company trade name, address, city, state, and zip code:
Tax Payer Name, Address, City, State and ZIP code for Company

Tax State:
Enter the employer’s tax state. Click on the button labeled “Change” to select a state from a pop-up list. If the company is not “multistate”, this option will be disabled.

Locality1 and Locality2
If the Company doesn’t use Localities, these two options will be disabled.

Will Your Payroll Include Tips
Check this box, if applicable.

Do You Provide Taxable Meals
Check this box if meals are provided free of charge to the employee and are subject to taxes. (See Circular E, “Employer’s Tax Guide” for qualifying questions. This can found at

Are Departments Used
By checking this box, the program requires you to:
a) Set up company department numbers with a description.
b) Assign a department number to each employee. (The Departments can be accessed from the main menu, through “SETUP” and then “Departments”)

Job Cost Report Needed
If you check this box you will need to assign Job numbers to each payroll entry, enabling the system to generate Job Cost reports.

Employee Direct Deposits
Check this option if the Employees will use Direct Deposits

Use Shifts
If your client’s company is using shifts, check this box.

Calculate WC Insurance
Check this option if the reports will calculate WC Insurance

Default VACATION/SICK Hours accrued (Yearly)
Enter the default vacation and sick accrued hours per year. These values will appear as default values for new employees.

No. of days to start accrual of Vac/Sick from Hiring
Example: If the employer has a policy where employees start earning vacation or sick pay 90 days from the hire of date, enter 90 here.

Default Pay Period
Select one of the periods (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Weekly, Monthly)

Default Pay Policy
Default Rounding Policy
Default Holiday Package
Before selecting any of the Policies or Holiday Packages, they must be defined.

Email Billing Statement
When the system bills Client for punching hours, if this option is checked, the system will send an email to this client with the billing statement.

Billing Email
If the checkbox above is checked the email address has to be entered. If not, the system will not send any emails to this client

Time Zone
It is important the Manager input the correct Company Time Zone.
This way the program can prevent wrong time to be recorded in the punch database.
For example if the ProClock server is in Los Angeles and the client Company is operating in New York, when the Employee punches in New York at 8:00 am, the time in Los Angeles is 5:00 am. Program uses Time Zone to calculate the proper punch time and write it in the database on server.

This technique will also prevent Employee to try to manipulate time on their devices before punching.

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