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About Us

Paysoft, Inc. first began operating as an accounting practice in 1981.

Pro-Pay Payroll Processing Software

It soon became evident that there was a demand for payroll services in addition to client write-ups, and clients would rather deal with one company for both services. Unable to find suitable service bureau payroll software, the company was forced to refer clients to various outside service bureaus. As a result, Paysoft, Inc. began developing its own software. In 1987, for the first time, the company was able to offer payroll services at competitive prices to new and existing clients. Within a short time it was obvious that the income potential from payroll services was tremendous. Because of the Over the course of many years, the software has been enhanced and features have been carefully added. In 1997, the company introduced its Windows version and made it available to other payroll service bureaus for the first time. Within just the first year, ProPay established a substantial user base in all 50 states. Now entering its 10th year in the Windows environment, ProPay has proven itself as a highly stable product. Paysoft’s easy to use, reliable payroll software is the result of many years of research, testing, and being in close contact with clients’ needs.

Proclock Time and Attendance Software

After several years of development, in 2019 the company released it’s Time and Attendance complimentary software hosted in our own servers.

Proclock works seamlessly with Pro-Pay. At the end of each Pay period, Proclock sends a file to Pro-Pay  which is all that is needed to process the Payroll.

This translates to huge time savings by the Employer and the Payroll Processor. So it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Paysoft, LLC

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